As a company, we provide consulting services to the universities we have contracted with in the scope of promotional activities and recruitment of foreign students. We help international students from 45 countries in the world to study at the foundation university of their choice in Turkey with high scholarships and reasonable prices. We guarantee rapid admission of our students to all universities with which we have agreements.

As FE Educational Consultancy, we support the universities we work with with services such as commercials, animations, seminars and practice exams. We provide consulting services to the most prominent constituent universities in Turkey. We bring our students and universities together with events like the INT-X Days we organize for universities. While students have the opportunity to get to know the atmosphere of the university closely, they also have the opportunity to learn all the information about the university they wish to study closely. We help students to test themselves before taking exams such as YOS - SAT - ACT - AP with practice tests that we run in cooperation with universities. Students receive high scholarships at our contracted universities by participating in these pilot tests or by obtaining a certain degree. In addition to the support it provides to universities, our company also provides advice to public and private secondary school teachers. Every year, on certain dates, it gives seminars on exams, preferences and information for guidance teachers in hundreds of schools from every province in Turkey. We value our teachers and they keep us informed of current developments. Additionally, we continue to inform our families of parent-student seminars. We never cut off contact with our families. We offer face-to-face webinars with the participation of hundreds of people from many parts of the world. As a leader in international student education, we see it as our primary duty to impart our knowledge, experience and expertise to people.