Sabanci University decided to be established by the Sabanci Foundation in 1994 and started to admit its first students in 1999. Sabancı University is preferred by academically successful foreign students. Sabanci University is one of the top three foundation universities in Turkey. For this reason, it accepts students according to certain criteria by being sensitive in the admission of foreign students. It is important to have a good SAT, AP, ACT or IB for foreign students who want to be accepted to Sabancı University you can get your acceptance letter from sabanci university without agency fee

Sabanci University was launched with the aim of becoming a "global university" in Turkey. The main objective of the university is to become a leader in research activities. Sabanci University operates with a vision of educating competent and successful individuals on the international stage. The university provides its graduates with job opportunities in senior positions in the best companies. Its successful academic staff, research centers and activities, exchange programs, campus facilities and the prestigeof the institution are influential in foreign students' preference for Sabancı University.


Sabanci University has a huge campus in Tuzla. Sabanci Tuzla University campus caters to all academic, social and cultural needs of international students. Students do not need to go off campus for socializing, fun, or activities. There are colleges, deans' offices, lecture halls, performance center, sports center, health center, research center, information center, library, market, cinema, pharmacy, dormitories, food and drink areas in this gigantic educational nest you can also apply to sabanci university apply


Sabancı University offers sufficient quotas for foreign students. Faculties with quota: Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Faculty of Management. There are 13 undergraduate programs in these faculties.


Sabanci University SAT Admission

Sabanci University offers high scholarship rates to foreign students with a sat score. This is very important for international students who want to study at Koç University.Discounted admissions can be obtained with Sabanci University yös and Sabanci University sat. Foreign students must have a good international exam or diploma to receive a scholarship from Sabancı University. Sabanci University offers scholarships of up to 75% to successful foreign students. If you want to study at Sabanci University, you can fill in the application form and contact us via our WhatsApp support line. If you apply with us, you can get a scholarship from Sabanci University. We guarantee maximum scholarships, reasonable prices and prompt admission. Our education consultants will send you your acceptance letter as soon as possible. We continue to support you at every stage of your college life through our expert education advisors you can learn sabanci university tuition fee by filling the information form.

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