Acibadem University was established in 2007 by the Acibadem Health and Education Foundation. It is among the most popular universities in Turkey that work in the field of health. Acibadem University attracts the attention of many foreign students from different regions of the world. The university aims to train leading individuals and to be one of the leading universities in the world. Acibadem University places great value on foreign students in order to achieve its national and international goals.

Acibadem University's experienced faculty, technological infrastructure and international standing influence foreign students. The main reason why foreign students prefer Acibadem University is that the university has its own group of hospitals. Acibadem Hospitals has the best hospitals in Turkey with its well-equipped doctors, medical technologies and infrastructure. Acibadem University offers its students the opportunity to work and work in their hospitals. Prepares the student for professional life by providing direct experience. The Career Planning Office of Acibadem University supports the careers of graduates you can also apply to acibadem university apply


Acibadem Kerem Aydinlar University Campus is located in Atasehir, in the middle of the Anatolian side. This giant science house has 100,000 square feet of interior space. There are faculties, deans, lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories, a conference center, and sports and social activities areas on campus. Acibadem University meets all academic, social and cultural needs of international students with its EED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited by Kerem Aydinlar University you can get your acceptance letter from acibadem university without agency fee


Acibadem University provides sufficient quota for international students. International students continue to receive education in 5 faculties and 2 vocational school programmes. Faculties of medicine, pharmacy and health sciences are mostly preferred by foreign students at Acıbadam University. The Department of Nursing is one of the students' favorite programs. Acibadem University offers high scholarships to its students within the program and requires them to work in their own hospitals after graduation. It not only supports its students, but also provides employment opportunities.


Acibadem University YOS Admission & Acibadem University SAT Admission

Acibadem University offers high scholarship rates to foreign students with yos and sat points. This is very important for international students who want to study at Acibadem University. Discounted admissions can be obtained with Acıbadem University YOS and Acibadem University Sat.

Acibadem University offers excellent scholarship opportunities for international students. Scholarships of up to 40% are offered to international students. If you want to be accepted into Acibadem University at very discounted and special rates, you can fill out the application form and contact us via the WhatsApp support line. We guarantee scholarships and admission to every student at affordable rates. Our team will submit your application and send the acceptance letter within 24 hours. We continue to support you with our expert education advisors at every stage of your college life.

We guarantee rapid admission of foreign students without examination into the departments of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Dietetics, Medical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Psychology, Sociology, Molecular Biology and Genetics at Acibadem University you can learn acibadem university tuition fee by filling the information form.

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