Biruni University was established in 2014 by the Global Education Foundation. Biruni University is one of the most preferred universities by international students. This is because the university is a health brand. The fact that Biruni University has its own hospital increases the interest of international students in the university. International students have the opportunity to put the knowledge they have learned into practice at Biruni University Hospital. In addition, Biruni University offers its graduates training and employment opportunities in its hospital. It continues to support his students for life.

Biruni University attaches great importance to science and quality. It has a strong academic staff. It aims to train well-equipped and distinguished scientists who will contribute to research and development activities. International students play a major role in the mission of the university. Biruni University continues to provide education of international standards to hundreds of international students from different countries you can also apply to biruni university apply


Biruni University Topkapi campus offers international students university life in the heart of the city. The campus can be reached among the green spaces by public transportation from every point in Istanbul. There are areas such as faculties, deans, lecture halls, classrooms, library, research and development centers, laboratories, simulation rooms, sports and cultural activities areas and conference hall in the science center. Biruni University meets all the academic, social and cultural needs of international students through its campus facilities.


Biruni University takes care to open higher quotas for foreign students in every faculty and college. These are: Dentistry, Pharmacy, Education, Engineering and Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Medicine. All college programs in my health field are included in the university's education plan you can get your acceptance letter from biruni university without agency fee


Biruni University YOS Admission & Biruni University SAT Admission

Biruni University offers high scholarship rates to foreign students with yös and sat points. This is very important for international students who want to study at Biruni UniversityAdmission can be obtained at a reduced price in YOS Biruni University and SAT Biruni University.

Biruni University provides excellent scholarship opportunities for international students. If you wish to study at Biruni University with a high scholarship rate and reasonable prices, please contact us via the WhatsApp support line. We guarantee high scholarships, reasonable prices and fast admission. Biruni University offers the highest scholarships and the cheapest prices to our students. Foreign students who want to study in departments other than medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, if they apply through us, are entitled to pay in Turkish Lira. Our education consultants will send you your acceptance letter within 24 hours. We continue to support you at every stage of your university life with our expert staff. you can learn biruni university tuition fee by filling the information form

We offer high scholarships for international students in the Departments of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Dietetics, Language and Speech Therapy, Biomedical Engineering, and Computer Engineering at Biruni University, with no examination, affordable and fast admission guarantee. 

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