Işık University, which started its education life in 1996, is the product of the 136-year-old education tradition of the Feyziye Schools Foundation. The institution, which started to serve with the Feyz-i Sıbyan School in Thessaloniki on 14 December 1885; From the Ottoman Empire to Turkey; It has witnessed national sovereignty and Atatürk's Revolutions. In 1934, with the approval of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Feyz-i Sıbyan School was named "Işık High School".

Işık University is a university preferred by foreign students for many reasons. Founded in 1996, the university provides education with 35 undergraduate programs, 5 faculties, 21 associate degree programs and 2 vocational schools, Institute of Social Sciences and Applied Sciences, School of Foreign Languages and Continuing Education Center.

Işık University is located close to both modern city life and the city, with two campuses that have modern infrastructure, classrooms, dormitories, libraries, social and sports facilities and an art gallery built on a 490,000 m2 land in Istanbul - Şile. At the Maslak Campus, where the Faculty of Fine Arts, Vocational Schools, Continuing Education Center, Institute of Social Sciences and Applied Sciences are located; Şile Campus houses all other faculties and departments. The reasons why foreign students prefer Işık University are its strong academic staff, affordable annual tuition fees and dormitory prices. Being a campus university and comparing the dormitory prices with other universities, it is one of the biggest reasons for preference by students coming to Turkey from abroad to study at university.


Student dormitories located in FMV Işık University Şile Campus are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Işık University dormitories, which also have blocks with sea and forest views, not only allow students to build their individual worlds, but also encourage community solidarity. Our dormitories have a total bed capacity of 1455, for 1, 3 and 4 people, in 16 buildings.

It is a great campus university where all the needs are met, away from the noise of the city, which is in demand by international students, where students can form a good network.

Documents Required to Complete the Registration Process

Acceptance letter from Işık University,

The original and notarized Turkish or English translation of the High School Diploma/Graduation Certificate,

SAT, ACT, GCE etc. Original Exam/Diploma Score (If it is in a language other than Turkish or English, a notarized translation must also be submitted.)

The original of the secondary school transcript (if it is in a language other than Turkish or English, a notarized translation must also be submitted.)

Original Language Exam Score,

The Equivalency Certificate showing the equivalence of your High School Diploma with the Turkish High School Diploma can be obtained from the Turkish Embassy in your country or the Ministry of National Education in Turkey.

       TR-YÖS results will be evaluated.

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